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Companies to participate in professional potentiometer sem
Browse: Release Date:2017-04-27

Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co., Ltd
            July 27 to 29, in Dongguan City "Sheng Wei Industrial Park," held a "2016 annual potentiometer professional group meeting." The meeting is from July 27 to 29, held by the resistance potentiometer branch executive director, potentiometer professional group deputy head of the unit "Guangdong Shengwei Electronic Products Co., Ltd."
         The meeting is hosted by the head of the potentiometer professional group "Chengdu Hongming Electronics", deputy general manager Mr. Liu Zunshu, inviting 13 potentiometer business leaders, experts attended the meeting. Branch secretariat leaders, industry experts, Mr. Guan Yingui and Mr. Hong Jinbiao, chairman of soundwell electronic professional group deputy head of Shaanxi Hongxing appliances deputy general manager Ms. Wang Yujie, Sichuan Yongxing Electronics Co. Ltd. Chairman Mr. Ye Debin attended the whole meeting. We have the honor to participate in the seminar, just a few days let us benefit a lot.
Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co., Ltd
The conference focused on the theme of "How to promote the transformation of enterprises during the 13th Five-Year Plan period", and discussed the technical direction of the development of potentiometers at home and abroad. And also put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on how to promote enterprise development in the policy of "supply side reform".
Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co., Ltd
Potentiometer manufacturer
The leader Miss.Shi of Zhejiang Huiren electronic company visited the "Sheng Wei Industrial Park," with other leaders and experts, mutually learning and developing.
Potentiometer manufacturer
The potentiometer professional seminar complete the various topics and achieve great success. Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co., Ltd. once again get the industry's affirmation, we will continue to work! In the leadership of the president Shi, we will make high quality product.


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