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Characteristics and storage notes of fine tuning potentiometer
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05
           Trimmer potentiometer, you can tell from this name that it is a kind of high precision electrical appliance. Therefore, fine tuning potentiometer corresponds to many features and storage considerations.
           The first point, the Trimming Potentiometer adopts a sealing structure, which can prevent dust and liquid from entering the Trimming Potentiometer and cause the damage of the potentiometer, thus ensuring the stability of the performance. Therefore, when it is stored, it should be placed in dust-free clean place, so as to ensure its quality.
           The second point, fine tuning potentiometer uses lead-free soldering, but it is susceptible to static electricity and electric field, so the electric field should be avoided when storing. Take the best body trimmer potentiometer electrostatic release.
           The third point,the trimmer potentiometer uses a good resistance material and a reliable sliding slide, which ensures the precise characteristics of the trimmer potentiometer. Therefore, in storage, it should be avoided in the sun straight place, to avoid the precise characteristics of fine-tuning potentiometer and damage to accuracy.

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