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What undesirable phenomenon does undesirable potentiometer produce easily?
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05

        With the development and improvement of living standard, potentiometer is used more and more widely in people's life and industry. However, due to the current industry, potentiometer manufacturers uneven production level, will lead to a lot of defective products. What are the undesirable phenomena of the conventional potentiometers? The details are as follows:
  No output or mono:
  The main cause of the brush deformation is contact with INT, and the carbon chip line is caused by the contact or looseness caused by the artificial scraping or the soldering of the terminal solder;
  Bad cacophony:
   The main cause of brush deformation, carbon surface roughness, and accompanied by coarse particles, surface dirt, customer circuit power caused by breakdown, track mismatch;
  Function failure after soldering:
   There is not any error in the selection of products through the soldering process or customers, such as the common material after wave soldering, we adopt the POM plastic material is easy to deform, the resin plate riveting terminal looseness, therefore lead to product failure; it proposes to adopt glass fiber board materials.

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