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What are the features of a light controlled potentiometer?
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05

       Light control potentiometer products at home and abroad market is blank, and the market is very broad. Light controlled potentiometers are best suited to the requirements of industrial production control equipment and the most valuable products. If the use of light control potentiometer, ten years will not occur similar failures, the production is guaranteed. Second, the light control potentiometer in the advanced level of the sound system, spread systems, stage audio systems and medical equipment, and so on, there is also a broad market.
   The good structure and superior performance of the light controlled potentiometer reflect the innovation, novelty and practicability. Compared with the traditional potentiometer, it is more practical and economic value. The light controlled potentiometer controls the change of the resistance value of the light receiving component from the change of luminous flux, and adopts advanced optical technology to control the change of the resistance value. The structure of the traditional potentiometer is improved by non-contact and penetrating in the light controlled potentiometer structure. Because there is no contact in the structure, there is no wear and poor contact, and optical control is adopted to achieve the most stable effect.
  Our company(ZHEJIANG HUIREN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD) currently provides customers with electrical appliances, digital products, security, communications products and other fields. The company is committed to providing customers with the best quality products and the most enthusiastic service, and strive to become the best supplier of potentiometers, is the rapid development of the market and fierce competition in the period of growth.

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