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Precision adjustable potentiometer
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05
        Precision adjustable potentiometer and adjustable potentiometer only have two words of the difference, but makes precision adjustable potentiometer have a higher level than adjustable potentiometer. Since it is called a precision adjustable potentiometer, then we will introduce the precision of fine-tuning potentiometer characteristics.
        Now that it becomes a precision adjustable potentiometer, it must be a useful feature. Through the Internet search, we have learned that precision adjustable potentiometers are widely used in TV sets, video recorders, telephones, as well as automated office equipment and various communication equipment fields. Although I do not understand the detailed workflows and working principles in these areas, these areas are demanding areas.
       It is not only technically demanding, but the products required are also very strict. It can reflect its precise characteristics from its application field. Take the TV set as an example. In my case, I think its precision may be reflected in the change in the color of the television. Each resistor may correspond to a unique color.

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