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Analysis of its function from symbol of potentiometer
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05

      I remember when I was in school, what I hated most was the physics and math symbols, because I didn't know what those symbols meant at that time, so it was difficult to remember them. Later, I went to college, continued to study physics and mathematics, got into more mathematical symbols. I liked the symbols because they made mathematics and physics easier to express. From these symbols, we can analyze some properties and applications.
      From the potentiometer symbol we can analyze its function. The reason for the use of potentiometer symbols is that it makes the expression more concise, just like mathematical and physical formulas. These symbols are all unified and standardized in industry. With these unified symbols, people can understand the functions of different types of potentiometers.
      These symbols have formed the norms of industrial production, and we can analyze functions from these standardized symbols, that is, the role of the instructions.

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