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Development trend of potentiometer Technology
Browse: Release Date:2017-04-27
         The development of technology began in the early 1960s.  In order to solve the potentiometer and wirewound potentiometer sound, life and reliability, it is first appeared a new type of conductive material technology for the Pakistani co-ordination of the embargo project in America. Later, people began to be familiar with the so-called conductive wall feeder, to the state of Technology (with the excellent insulation resin molded together into a resistance matrix, the period of the orbit of the cross section of a triangle, that is, rail type).It has solved the large contact resistance of solid potentiometer and external conductive filler, filling the vast trees to read in alloys.  The United States in 1962 made a thin potentiometer, the process does not use molding instead of using printing, also known as conductive plastic potential contact, contact pressure, which increases the potentiometer rotary torque, linear repair limit. Therefore, in the early 70s, the emergence of a flat-type process can be divided into molded, printed D period and several others, the structure of the multi period refers to the two types of wire and sheet, are rake type.

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