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Laser trimming technology of potentiometer
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05
  The laser trimming technology of potentiometer can perfectly realize the high precision, high efficiency and multifunction laser trimming. Compared with the traditional grinding method, laser engraving has a significant advantage in the precision, efficiency and multi function development. It is a breakthrough technology for production!

  Potentiometer laser engraving has the following technical characteristics:

1) High precision and high efficiency: As an effective means of precision machining, industrial laser applications have been used in more and more fields, and laser ablation can be used to obtain very high resistance precision, thus achieving a higher degree of linearity. Potentiometer laser trimming technology uses high precision measurement and control system software, with the laser trimming technology unique, independent linearity trimming potentiometer can reach 0.1% or so, up to 0.05% (independent linearity trimming and material properties and initial linearity related). The total resistance of the target can be controlled at about 0.2%. As for the efficiency, the average single chip repair time is about 10 seconds, the production efficiency is the traditional grinding equipment of 4 to 5 times, greatly improving the production efficiency. 

2) Powerful: Laser repair using high-precision measurement and control system and operating software, with a powerful function to expand, to meet the special needs of customers, for example: 

A)Symmetry correction: Can be done from any angle as the center of the starting position, do the symmetry of resistance to repair, the minimum angle measurement accuracy of 2 '.

B)Resistance correction of arbitrary curve: The curve of trimming can be arbitrary function in arbitrary angle range, with angle control and the curve of high resolution real-time follow trimming technology can ensure the
   smooth transition between different segments, the requirements to achieve the objective function;

3) The equipment has a wealth of measurement functions, such as: clearance measurement, symmetry measurement function, to meet the requirements of the technical specifications of potentiometer production quality     control;

4) Trimming system with laser engraving software, patented technology. It is powerful, simple operation, can achieve any angle point trimming and manual trimming, according to customer requirements to achieve a more    flexible trimming mode and process requirements;

5)The coaxial video system, which is designed and developed independently, can be adjusted automatically with high pixel industrial camera. It can reduce the human error and improve the production efficiency.

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