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Reliability accelerated life test
Browse: Release Date:2017-05-02
       Accelerated life test is an important test method in reliability test. The role of accelerated life test is to speed up the process of testing, and provide an important basis for predicting the reliability of the system or equipment.
       The method of reliability test and the scale of the test are determined by the object and requirements of the test. For systems, equipment and components, each of the test methods are different. For the whole machine, through the test to eliminate the influence of the system unreliable components. For mechanical parts, it focus on the fatigue life test; and for electronic components, it is the main life test.
       The reliability of the product or system should be evaluated on the basis of end-use conditions. Therefore, the life test should be carried out according to the actual conditions of use and the actual environmental conditions (stress). But because of the time and the economic considerations, it always want to less cost of the trial, early to obtain satisfactory results. So, one of the means is to improve the environmental stress (such as temperature) and working stress (applied to the product voltage, load, etc.) to speed up the test process, shorten the life of the product or system test time. For example, like switches and relays, they measure the life according to the number of working times. In order to speed up the test, it can be used to switch on and off the higher speed test to detect the reliability of the product life. Accelerated life test and product routine test (for example, general strength and deformation performance measurement) are different. The purpose of the routine test is to ensure that the performance parameters of the products meet certain standards before and after the inspection and acceptance of the products. And it can not guarantee the reliability of the product. While the accelerated life test is a guarantee that the products meet certain reliability index in the specified time. At the same time, accelerated life test is the basis of product reliability prediction and testing.

       Accelerated life test is longer than the routine test. Because time is too short to get enough data on the level of reliability. In the processing of the test data, the routine test is only the performance of the test, so the data processing is simple. While accelerated life is a certain batch of product reliability to infer, so it need use strict data statistics in order to arrive at a more reliable conclusion.
       The role of accelerated life testing is: Through the harsh conditions of the test, you can determine the product, parts of the safety margin to remove and filter the low reliability of the parts. In the harsh conditions, you can observe under the life value (or failure rate), with the normal conditions of life between the value , There is a certain regularity, the use of this regularity can predict the normal life of the conditions. Because the accelerated life test is under harsh conditions, there is a big difference in normal use conditions in the system or equipment. Therefore, in the accelerated life test, we should pay attention to the following aspects of the requirements, in order to make a correct evaluation of the system or equipment.
(1)Compared with the normal condition, the accelerated test should not change the basic mode and mechanism of the fault, or change their relative advantage.
Determine the size, timing, and conditions of accelerated life testing based on the final use of the system and equipment. And the test parameters are determined according to the purpose and requirements of the  accelerated life test. Such as test time, failure rate (T), mean time between failures (MTBF), time history change, limit value, etc. However, it should be emphasized that the failure mode and failure mechanism of the system or equipment should not be changed during the test.
(2)The stress level of the accelerated life test should be greater than the designed working stress, and the stress should be controlled at the same time.
In the actual use of the product environment, the possible combination of environmental stress is infinite. For example, the accelerated life test of the road conditions on the road has smooth surface, rough pavement, brick road, the impact of the road, mud road, gravel road, etc. Therefore, the stress level of the accelerated life test should be greater than the working stress specified by the design. For example, in the accelerated life test of the motor product, the instantaneous distribution voltage peak, the power conversion voltage fluctuation, and sometimes may reach the normal voltage several times, which is taking into account the lightning and electrostatic discharge caused by the impact.
Accelerated life test stress level, should be strict to eliminate system or unreliable structure and potentially unreliable parts, considering the requirement of the system reliability, the test stress is not easy to get high, so as to avoid the failure mechanism induced by outside system or original equipment fault. In addition, the environmental stress conditions, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, dust, harmful gases, etc. should be appropriate.
(3)In a given period of time, the selected conditions compared with other acceleration conditions, to be able to fail sooner.
To meet the requirements of the experimental conditions, the accelerated life test time should be as short as possible, but time should be sufficient, especially for accelerated life test of new products. It can not be judged by the accidental failure, that is to say, the accelerated life test should not be less than the failure period.
(4)The test equipment, monitoring devices, etc. Need accurately take care of.
We should carefully manage the test equipment, instrumentation, in order to maintain its normal function, to maintain the stability of the test conditions, because the test device itself sometimes precedes test object failure, so cause the change of test conditions, test and even affect the normal work. Therefore, we should constantly monitoring and correction test conditions, testing records for reference (changes midway through the trial, the memorandum record is to take the necessary countermeasures).

           We should control the environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, cleanliness, vibration, electromagnetic interference and so on, to provide reliable environment for the test equipment and instruments, and improve the accuracy of the data.
(5)Do a good job of record, manual, data collection and analysis of software management and progress control.
Test data records must be complete, not false, clear handwriting, shall not be altered.The recording project shall include: failure mode, fault object, failure phenomenon, the number of failures, the working time before failure, the possible cause of the failure and other.
In addition, special records should be recorded due to test personnel or test equipment caused by the failure of external conditions caused by the failure of the test technical person in charge of the timely inspection of data records and found that the problem in a timely manner. We should pay attention to the test halfway, in order to judge the fault and aging and measuring special value. If can not continuous monitoring control, we should be provided for the measurement interval.

           It is an important work to keep the sample. Create a file card for each specimen. Details of the test time, the failure of the cut-off time, frequency, etc.
           As a special test in the reliability test, the accelerated life test itself does not improve the reliability level of system or equipment, it is just an important means of reliability evaluation of the system or equipment. We determine the reliability of the system or equipment through this test, assess the reliability of the system or equipment to meet the requirements of the required reliability indicators. Whether the system or equipment can maintain the original level of reliability or improvement. Provide basis for reliability improvement of system or equipment. To ensure that the products meet the user's reliability requirements. Provide data intelligence to predict the reliability of the system or equipment.

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