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No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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  • Organize staff "fire training"

    Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co., Ltd. Appeal to safety first, life first principle, In order to improve fire safety awareness of all employees, regular fire training shall be organized. So, we have specially invited the teacher to our facto......【Click Details】

  • Happy New Year!

    New Years bells, sounded happy reunion; bright fireworks, wrote the festive beauty; mellow wine, carrying the rich and safe; warm blessing, passing the infinite friendship. Happy New Year to you all!......【Click Details】

  • Go to the world

    In recent years, it can be said that we have been stepping stone foundation for several years, we have been exploring the progress. Go to the world has always been the direction of our efforts. We will stand at a new height and starting poi......【Click Details】

  • Staff production process training

    In order to improve the awareness of each employee on their posts, the company organized all the opening ceremony, a comprehensive explanation of all staff. Here are the training photos:......【Click Details】

  • The second production process training

    The production department for the second time continue to explain the production process to the staff. After the explaining, the staff carefully study the related knowledge of production process. They enrich themselves and further improve t......【Click Details】

  • Companies to participate in professional potentiometer sem

    July 27 to 29, in Dongguan City Sheng Wei Industrial Park, held a 2016 annual potentiometer professional group meeting. The meeting is from July 27 to 29, held by the resistance potentiometer branch executive director, potentiometer profess......【Click Details】

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