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  • What material is the potentiometer made of?

    Potentiometer composition material: A potentiometer is a resistance element with three leading ends, which can be adjusted according to some change of resistance. A potentiometer is usually made up of a resistor body and a movable brush. Wh......【Click Details】

  • Potentiometer structure?

    Potentiometer structure: A potentiometer is actually a variable resistor, but it is seldom used when a variable resistor is used. The potentiometer has three joints, in the two end with a certain potential difference, different potential sl......【Click Details】

  • How long is the warranty period of the product?

    the warranty period of the product: Warranty period is one year from the date of shipment, to ensure that since the date of purchase within one month can be replacement (except for human damage, except for consumables), one year free main......【Click Details】

  • Can the product be customized?

    Product customized: YES . You can inform your sales staff of your product requirements, our technical engineers will evaluate and give a solution. Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co.,Ltd is a professional potentiometer manufacturer, all products......【Click Details】

  • How to install potentiometer?

    Installation method: 1)For the angular displace sensor,it is based of the mounting boss itself , with screws or claming plate is tightly fixed on the metal plate , and then connect the driven shaft with the rotation center. 2)The linear......【Click Details】

  • Attention

    Attention: 1)Before installation , please do not disassemble and modification ( including tearing to the trademark , processing in the shaft and the housing , change the installation position of the clamp . ) During the installation proce......【Click Details】

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