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No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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Development History
     Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, engaged in conductive plastic displacement sensor research and development, production, sales and application testing. Products are widely used in military, aviation industry, automotive industry, petroleum industry, machinery industry, electronic industry and other fields of automation control and servo system.
     The company focus on quality management, through the full implementation of the ISO9001 quality management system in 2008, the product has been recognized by the vast number of users, the application of the industry sector has been expanding year by year.
     In 2010, the company organized a number of outstanding domestic R & D personnel to innovate products according to the special need of scaled enterprises and their own products.
     In 2013, for expanding the operation, the company moves to the new plant in the economic development zone, covers an area of nearly 40 acres.
Corporate Philosophy
      Enterprise management philosophy: Taking the common values as the basis for the enterprise, taking the common value goal as the motive force for the development of the enterprise, and guiding the consciousness and autonomy;

      Follow, promote and carry forward the corporate culture, shape the quality of employees, establish the foundation of management, play everyone's potential, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, continuous improvement.
 Enterprise value: Regard work as part of a happy life, enjoy work, enjoy life.
 Code of conduct: Encouragement, support, unity and trustworthiness.

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Address:No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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