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No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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            Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co.,Ltd is located in the northern part of Zhejiang Province, the South Lake--Huzhou City, east of Shanghai, south of Hangzhou, west by Tianmu Mountain, north of Taihu Lake, and the other side is wuxi, suzhou. 104 National Highway, national highway 318, hang Ning high-speed road, Xuan hang railway, Long Lake Shen channel, Shen Su Zhe Wan high-speed road all come across Huzhou, it has convenient traffic.

       The era of the industrial 4 has arrived. The concept of industrial 4 is penetrating every flow of enterprise. In the era of the industrial 4, sensors, machines, artifacts and IT systems are connected to each other, it beyond the value chain of a single enterprise. To achieve industrial 4, it need to rely on sensor data analysis optimization process control. The high degree of industrial automation control is the cornerstone. Industrial automation industry will play an important role in the future development of the manufacturing industry.

         Zhejiang Huiren Electronics Co.,Ltd is based on conductive plastic technology, develop and produce various types of precision conductive plastic displacement sensor. Products are widely used in military, aviation, automotive, pharmaceutical, petroleum, machinery and other industrial areas of automation control and servo systems. In 2006, Huiren Electronics began preparations, in 2007 was formally established. In 2008, the company achieved ISO9001:2000 quality management system certificate. 2013, it moved into the new factory. In 2014, the company open to the world, open up overseas trade. At present, the company has established trade with outstanding enterprises in Germany, Japan, Canada and other countries. In 2015, the company go t the CE certificate.

        In this decade, Huiren Electronics always adhere to the business philosophy- "technology first, quality first, service first" , and constantly blaze new trails, and constantly strive for excellence. Now Huiren, with the world's most advanced laser resistance repair technology and equipment, is China's first industry independent research and development of the technology displacement sensor manufacturers. The technology greatly improves the product accuracy and resistance deviation range.

       Through 10 years of efforts, the company has successfully developed a number of product lines such as lead angle displacement sensor, linear displacement sensor, digital potentiometer, industrial joystick and so on.

        The company pays attention to explore the needs of customers, excellent R & D team personnel, communicate and cooperate with excellent peer technical in Germany and Japan. The company brings forth new ideas and provides customers with customized product solutions. The company focus on service first, and let professional technical consultants go through all the process, providing one to one special service. “Thanksgiving, sharing, tolerance, become attached to each other” is cultural ideas of every staff in Huiren.

        A positive, a thriving enterprise will not lack the spirit of learning. We are not exception. In our team, whether it is grass-roots staff or technical engineers, middle management, everyone has a heart of desire. Here we learn to share; at work, we improve ourselves.

        The past ten years is a accumulated decade of Huiren. The future, we will continue to innovate, in the pursuit of excellence. Huireni Electronics will become conductive plastic displacement sensor industry leading enterprises. All Huiren members, we refuel together!


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Address:No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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