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No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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About Us
Quality Advantage:
             Quality is the key to winning the enterprise, the product factory hundred percent qualified.Hui Ren Electronics is the perfect product quality to win the trust of many customers.
Service Advantage:
              Quality services, products and services throughout, professional technical consultants throughout the tracking,sales engineers one to one special services. The fastest time to solve customer problems.
Price Advantage:
             Despite the arrogant product quality, but it sells the price of Meng Meng. All along, Hui Ren are in the feedback to the customer's heart to provide customers with cost-effective products.
Technical Advantages:
              Excellent R & D technical team, mechanical and electrical integration of professionals, Germany, Japan outstanding peer technology exchanges and cooperation for the company's products escort at the same time continue to introduce new,Meet customer requirements.
Delivery Advantages:
             Lightning speed of delivery, conventional products shipped the same day.
Industry Advantages:
            10 years of hard work for the Hui Ren won a good reputation, the old customers with new customers, so that 50 years of this year, the young company in the industry to open the visibility.

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Address:No.1818 gangnan road, economic development zone,huzhou city, zhejiang province, China.
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