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 1、Before installation , please do not disassemble and modification ( including tearing to the trademark , processing in the shaft and the housing , change the installation position of the clamp . ) During the installation process , angular displacement sensor should be handled with care , so as not to damage the terminals.

 2、In the access line , angular displacement sensor should strictly according to the schematic diagram Pay special attention to the terminal "2" , forbidden access to the input voltage . or the sensor will be burned out .

 3、 The current passing through the potentiometer should be 2 mA , the maximum can ' t exceed 10mA.

 4、The input terminal(1,3)is no more than 24V.

 5、The external wiring of angular displacement sensor shall be welded on the waist groove of the terminals , try not to be welded at the top part of the terminals . When welding, please use chromium iron which is no more than 45W , welding time should be less than 3 seconds . In welding and cooling , please do not pull the wire , so as not to pull out the entire outlet terminal . During welding , please minimize the use of flux , soldering paste . Make sure to use shorter time to avoid flux vapor into the potentiometer through the terminal green ) which may cause equivalent noise resistance change bad and even open circuit because of the vapor cooling after the deposition in the resistance element surface .

 6、Prevent the solvent and corrosive gas to destroy the  angular displacement sensor . And prevent the metal chips or other powder into the angular displacement sensor.

 7、When the curring is switched on , do not measure the angular displacement sensor with the multimeter.

 8、The applied voltage should be in the rated power of the potentiometer at the -55~70 ℃ temperature . When the temperature is more than 70 ℃ , please reduce the power according to the curves shown below.

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