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Appliance principle
Browse: Release Date:2017-06-05
       The angular displacement sensor is a sensor in the DC voltage input terminal, a signal to the DC voltage at the output. The mechanical displacement angle displacement is converted to a voltage signal to control the output voltage of the displacement angle.

       The linear displacement sensor is a DC voltage at the input of the sensor, a DC voltage signal is obtained at the output. The mechanical displacement of the linear displacement is converted into a voltage signal, and the linear displacement is controlled by the output voltage.

       The precision conductive plastic displacement sensor uses the principle of the resistor divider, links a constant DC voltage across the resistance rail and obtain the output through the movement of the brush on the guide rail. The output voltage is linearly related to the displacement quantity, and its indication is linear, the smaller the value, the higher the accuracy. The displacement sensor made by resistive voltage divider can reduce the accuracy requirement of the total resistance of the guide rail and reduce the requirement of the sensor to use the environmental condition and improve the accuracy of the sensor output signal.

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